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Finger Lakes HVAC & R Inc.

Heating Services in Big Flats, NY

We’re the inside guys!

If you need a better heating solution to ensure the comfort of your employees, Finger Lakes HVAC & R Inc. in Big Flats, NY can help. Our experienced HVAC and refrigeration service technicians can handle any job they’re given.

You already trust Finger Lakes HVAC to handle major maintenance and installations on a wide range of projects.

We’ve helped you out with everything from restaurant refrigeration, ice machines, to beer and bar coolers and more. Now we can bring that level of exceptional service to your heating maintenance needs.

Plus, our staff can provide additional services that will enhance your repairs or upgrades. Like assisting you in getting professional duct work done and energy efficient systems that will save you money on your heating bills throughout the year.

Service, Repair, and Installation
Count on us for your:
Rooftop Systems, Air Handlers, Indoor Air Quality Equipment and
Heat Pumps
Heating and Cooling Heat Pumps
Heating and Cooling Thermostat
Heating and Cooling Furnaces
Heating and Cooling Ventilation